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Wilkinson stores, affectionately known across the United Kingdom as 'Wilko'   have more than 370 stores across England and Wales. The company sell primarily household wares but stock a wide-reaching range of products including stationary, DIY equipment, toys and games, food and drink and cleaning products and aim to offer a range of affordable quality to their customers.

"We are constantly reviewing our shelves to give even better quality" - Wilkinson

Wilkinson also ensure that they regularly update their stock items in order to keep up to date with the best in quality items at reasonable prices. This policy makes Wilkinson EDI the ideal trading partner for many aspiring supply businesses.

Partnering with Wilkinson EDI

For a supplier wishing to connect with Wilkinson EDI it is important to seek the assistance of a dedicated and professional electronic data interchange (EDI) facilitator. Web EDI has over 10 years of experience in the EDI field, helping business to connect together electronically. Becoming a trading partner with Wilkinson EDI is simple, quick and cost-effective with the Web EDI simple subscription service, there are no up front charges, no software installations or addons and there is no need for expensive employee training or thick user manuals, simply take our quick tour and become a subscriber today. As soon as you have subscribed with the Web EDI service we'll have you connected with Wilkinson EDI.

Trading with Wilkinson EDI through the Web EDI service couldn't be easier, electronic orders and e-invoices are sent instantly and can be accessed using your regular web browser. We will convert all files from Wilkinson EDI for you, so that you can concentrate on productivity and growing your business.

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With the Web EDI subscription service you will be instantly connected to Wilkinson EDI, but that's not all, you'll also have access to our network of business trading partners, Web EDI will enable your business to connect seamlessly with many new business partners through this network and the trading grid messaging service (TGMS) makes communication a breeze, regardless of the method of EDI each company might work with.

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