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One of Britain's leading high street brand names, WH Smith currently have over 1,200 stores incorporating both their high street and travel businesses and are currently focused on cementing their position as the leading bookseller, stationer and newsagent in the UK.

As a retailer of paper products, WH Smith are committed to minimising their own environmental footprint by using well-managed and credibly certified forests and by using recycled paper where possible. As such, electronic data interchange is (EDI) their preferred method of trading between WH Smith EDI and their suppliers.

Becoming a WH Smith EDI Supplier

If you are a supply company, wishing to begin business to business trading with WH Smith, your first step should be to contact an EDI facilitator with the experience and expertise to ensure straightforward dealing with the WH Smith EDI system.

Web EDI have over 10 years of experience in EDI trading and with our simple subscription system your business will be ready to begin trading with WH Smith EDI as soon as your subscription is active with no up front fees or hidden charges.

ASN and SSCC with WH Smith EDI

Web EDI will ensure that you are fully compliant with WH Smith EDI with no disruption to your business, electronic orders and invoices can be sent and received instantly and accessed using your regular web browser as easily as checking your e-mail.

Advance shipping notices (ASN) and Serial shipping container codes (SSCC) are also handled efficiently and quickly with our system, allowing you to focus on productivity and saving on manpower.

Take it as read with Web EDI

With your Web EDI subscription you'll be ready to get started trading with WH Smith EDI in no time and what's more, we'll allow you to connect with a whole network of other retail business partners using our system, helping to make your business a success.

It's easy and quick to get started with Web EDI, simply take our online tour below or call free on 0800 092 0856 to discover more about the Web EDI service and to connect to your new trading partners network.

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