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Waitrose are a part of the John Lewis Partnership who are the largest employee-owned retailer in Britain. Regarded by many as an upmarket supermarket, they have been awarded a royal warrant to supply groceries, spirits and wines to Queen Elizabeth II and to Prince Charles.

Along with a reputation for high quality products and royal customers, Waitrose are a company committed to long-term relationships with their suppliers, and to supporting responsible sourcing with the environment in mind as well as showing support to British produce, making them an ideal partner for aspiring supply companies. Becoming one of Waitrose EDI's trusted suppliers and connecting with Waitrose EDI is simple and quick with Web EDI.

E-Invoicing and ordering with Waitrose EDI

Making a business to business (B2B) connection with Waitrose EDI through our intuitive service means that you will be able to receive electronic orders from and send electronic invoices to Waitrose easily, using your current web browser.

You can become EDI compliant with Waitrose in no time and with no fuss with our subscription based service, simply set up an account and we'll have you ready to trade with Waitrose EDI as soon as you're set up.

Web EDI connects businesses

Waitrose EDI works through what is known as a value added network or VAN and requires suppliers to be compatible with this format in order to trade electronically. Other retailers might use different types of VAN however, and this is where Web EDI comes in.

Our service will allow your supply company to communicate effortlessly with Waitrose EDI as well as connecting you with a network of other trading partners and Web EDI will do the hard work for you, allowing you to concentrate on fulfilling orders and creating valuable business links.

Subscribing to Web EDI today will ensure that your business is ready to start trading with Waitrose EDI and your new network of partners. e-invoicing will allow you to save on manpower, paper waste, time and do your part to save the environment too.

Become a network partner with Web EDI

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