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Superdrug are the second-largest beauty and health retailer (behind only Boots) currently operating over 800 stores throughout the United Kingdom, 200 of which have in-store pharmacies.   Part of the A.S. Watson Group, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa, Superdrug are an established market brand and are known for their quality health and beauty products at accessible prices.

While Superdrug take pride in their affordable own-brand products, they have strong links with many external suppliers and are always open to working with new business partners who are able provide quality products. As a supplier wishing to begin trading with Superdrug EDI, it is necessary to be compatible with their electronic data interchange (EDI) requirements for business documents.Web EDI can ensure full compliance with Superdrug EDI though our simple subscription service.

Super-fast connections with Web EDI

Superdrug EDI requires that potential suppliers are able to trade electronically through a secure AS2 connection, while other business partners might use differing types of EDI, this can make communication with many different businesses a complicated and drawn out process.

There is a simple solution however, the Web EDI system will do the hard work for you, converting all files for your ease of use and allowing you to communicate with Superdrug EDI and your other retail partners electronically, using your current internet connection and web browser. business to business trading through our system is simple and efficient, you won't need to download any software or pore through thick training manuals and there's no need for staff training. When an order is sent to you we'll notify you via e-mail and you can process all electronic orders and send electronic invoices as easily as sending an online message.

Greener trading with Superdrug EDI

Upon becoming a subscriber with Web EDI, we'll have you set to trade with Superdrug EDI and with a whole network of business trading partners instantly, our experts have over 10 years of EDI experience to ensure a smooth transition for your business, allowing you to form strong business relationships and save time, manpower, money and our environment by taking he first step towards a greener, paperless trading system for your office.

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