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Web EDI can connect retailers with your own back end systems to automate ordering and invoicing. This enables orders to flow directly into your own system and invoices to flow back to your customers. You can integrate with a wide variety of third-party software and setting this up is typically quick, easy and low cost. Web EDI also converts your customers product codes into your own internal stock codes. The Integrated EDI solution is highly-configurable, which means you can use a highly-customized bespoke solution, without long development lead-time.


  • Fully automated sales order processing
  • Forward orders to a 3PL / Warehouse / Logistics
  • Supports CSV, XML, EDI, PDF over SFTP or AS2
  • Create your own custom file formats in just a few minutes
  • The Web EDI API allows you to build custom apps that integrate natively with Web EDI


Product Code Translation

Your customers identify your products using their own product codes. However you will likely use your own stock code internally and in your warehouse. For example, the products in your warehouse will have one item code on the box. When Web EDI receives orders, it automatically translates the product code on your customer order, into your own stock code. As orders flow through Web EDI and into your own backend system, you will receive your own stock code, in addition to your customer product codes. To summarise, customer codes are used between Web EDI and your customers; and your own stock codes when communicating with your own backend systems.

Unit of Measure Translation

Some customers may order in packs, whilst other customers may order in eaches Web EDI can be set to multiply/divide the ordered pack sizes into the correct pack size that is stored in your warehouse.

Custom File Formats

You can select the file format you would like to receive your orders in, and map order data into your exact format, to create your own custom files. All data will be sent securely over SFTP or AS2 and data can be held on your servers or we can connect to yours. As well as exporting orders, you can also import invoices in the same way, using your own custom formats. You can map this yourself using a graphic drag-and-drop tool, or simply email us an example file and we will set this up for you free of charge.


The cost of integrations can vary from package-to-package. For accurate pricing, please go through the tour which will guide you through building your package, or contact us if you have any unique requirements.



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