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Web EDI Enterprise enables large organisations to process orders & invoices electronically with their suppliers. Electronic documents vastly improve efficiency within the supply chain and provide substantial cost-savings, against the cost of processing vast amounts of paper documents.

Evolution of EDI systems

EDI technology was first created some 30 years, and only used by large organisations on mainframe systems. Then with the rise of PCs, many more businesses came on board with EDI. Today, EDI lives in the cloud, thereby vastly bring the cost down and making it available to business of all sizes. Thus ensuring 100% of suppliers can trade electronically via their web browsers. EDI networks have also evolved over the years. EDI data was traditionally send using over a Value Added Network (VAN), however as the overall cost of EDI is reduced over time, newer AS2 technology has further reduced the cost of sending data to trading partners.

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Electronic Ordering

Enterprise EDI connects to your existing system, and sends orders to each of your suppliers. The goal is to make it easy and cost-effective for 100% of your supplier-base to move from paper ordering to electronic.

Invoice Matching

Transmission of documents by EDI enables you to automatically match what was ordered, delivered, and invoiced. Invoices that match their respective orders and deliveries can be considered for automatic payment, dramatically improving the Purchase To Pay (P2P) cycle. Eg.

Rejected invoices trigger notifications to the respective suppliers ensuring the onus remains with the supplier to send accurate invoices.

Invoices that do not match are automatically rejected and the supplier is notified, ensuring a problem invoice does not.


As retailers continue to stay up-to-date with customer expectations, Omnichannel technology is becoming more and more important to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience whether shopping in-store, online, via mobile apps, marketplaces such as amazon, by telephone.

Supplier Performance (OTIF)

Web EDI Enterprise takes advantage of the ‘big data’ such as order, delivery & invoice data being sent between trading partners. Thus enabling the measurement of supplier performance. OTIF (On Time In Full) is a measurement of delivery performance within a supply chain.

Key Benefits of GS1 approved EDI

Bottom Line

If your company processes orders and invoices by paper, then Web EDI Enterprise will provide significant cost savings by automating common business processes such as; Purchase to Pay (P2P), and Sales Order Processing (SOP).

Already using EDI?

Paper-based to EDI

If it has been cost-prohibitive to bring on some smaller suppliers onto EDI, then we can arrange a special bulk licence to bring them on the Web Portal at very little cost, enabling you to achieve 100% EDI for all your suppliers.

Upgrade to AS2

AS2 technology has a substantial cost-benefit over traditional VANs. AS2 technology has overtaken traditional VANs in recent years and has become the preferred communication technology in the industry. It is real-time, improved security and brings a substantial cost-benefit over using a VAN.

Core system upgrade

Many EDI systems in use today have not been updated in some 25 years. This presents potential security risk, certainly a cost-improvement, and operational improvement, particularly within omni-channel environments. Enterprise EDI is a state-of-the-art EDI system that runs in parallel with your legacy system, whilst users are migrated from your old system to the new, eliminating any potential risk.

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