Web EDI Cloud


Web EDI is the quick and easy way to trade with any retailer electronically using EDI. Simply log in to Web EDI to pick up your orders, and send invoices for payment. Orders can be automatically sent to your warehouse for fulfilment. Join 3000+ suppliers using Web EDI to fulfil the EDI requirements of every retailer in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.


  • Connect to any retailer in the UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • Complies will all of the EDI requirements of every retailer
  • Add additional partners at any time
  • Order notification emails
  • Multi-user
  • Forward orders automatically to a 3PL/Warehouse for order fulfilment
  • Integration with popular ERP/Accounts/eCommerce systems

How it works


Once you sign up with Web EDI, you will be provided with an EDI Mailbox. We then ask your retailers to begin sending orders to your new Web EDI Mailbox.


If you are moving from an existing EDI system to Web EDI, then we ask each retailer to continue sending orders to your current mailbox and your new Web EDI mailbox. Once orders from all customers are flowing into Web EDI, you can then disconnect your old EDI system, and continue with Web EDI.

Order Notifications

When orders begin to flow in, you will be sent an email notification. You can then log in and view your orders on the screen and print them out if required.

Order Forwarding

Orders can be automatically sent to your warehouse for fulfilment. Web EDI allows you to forward orders in EDI, CSV or XML formats.


To send an invoice, you simply click ‘Generate Invoice’ and the system fills in the details for you – no need to rekey anything. You can then make any changes, such as quantities or prices, and then press Post Invoice.

Invoice Testing

All retailers insist you send a test invoice first. Your invoices are therefore initially sent as test. Your retailer will then verify your test invoices are correct before you ‘Go Live’. When you receive go live notification from your retailer, you can press the Go Live button and your invoices from then onwards will be sent as live for payment.

The full package

  • EDI Mailbox
  • Subscription to one or many retailers
  • Traffic (includes 96,000 chars/month)
  • Unlimited support (Email & Freephone)


Each retailer has their own unique EDI requirements. For accurate pricing, please go through the tour which will guide you through building your package, or contact us if you have any unique requirements.

Single Partner

Multiple Partners

Multiple Documents

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