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A family-owned business, the Musgrave group are Ireland's largest grocery distributor and the largest private company in Ireland by turnover with annual sales of over €4 billion. The company works alongside many local food retailers in Ireland, the UK and Spain, including some of the larger and more well-known chains such as Budgens and Londis, allowing them to better compete against the bigger supermarket chains through the Musgrave group's expertise and resources.

The Musgrave group's strategy includes achieving the lowest cost goods without compromising on quality by investing in systems and infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency.

Electronic data interchange is one of the ways in which Musgrave are able to make savings and maintain efficient trading.  Becoming a trading partner with Musgrave EDI and with the companies which they support is simple  with Web EDI.

Business to Business trading with Musgrave EDI

Sending and receiving electronic documents can be done effortlessly through the Web EDI simple subscription-based service.  business-to-business (B2B) trading with Musgrave EDI is instant, using your current web browser and regular internet connection. Web EDI will even send you an e-mail when you receive an order.

With Web EDI there are no up-front charges or hidden costs and there's no need for training manuals or software installs. Everything is included in our monthly subscription cost and our experts will ensure that the transition to electronic trading is seamless. Get started today by taking our quick online tour.

Integration with your new trading network

Using the trading grid messaging service (TGMS), Web EDI ensures effortless communication with Musgrave EDI as well as with the EDI systems of many other companies, regardless of how their system might be set-up. Electronic trading allows for a speedy and cost-effective service, allowing you to save money for your business and do your part towards saving the environment with the Web EDI paperless office.

Connecting with Musgrave EDI Web EDI

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