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Wm Morrisons are among the top 5 supermarket chains in the United Kingdom with over 600 stores around the country and are expanding yet further with their "fit for the future" initiative which is set to add 100 more stores across the country. This level of growth from an already well established brand means that becoming a trading partner with Morrisons EDIFACT EDI can put you, as a supplier, on the road to success.

Electronic Data Interchange or "EDI" is the technical name for the method of trading online using electronic order forms and invoices. Trading in this way is efficient and cost effective but can be a complicated process with many different companies employing differing versions of EDI.

Recently, Morrisons have been making the switch from Tradacoms EDI to EDIFACT, meaning that many suppliers will now need to update their systems to comply with this new EDI method, here at Web EDI we take the effort out of this transition by seamlessly communicating with Morrisons EDI on your behalf.

Trading electronically with Morrisons EDIFACT EDI

Connecting electronically with Morrisons EDIFACT EDI is simple with Web EDI, our fully automated system will allow you to start processing electronic Invoices and electronic orders instantly upon creating an account with us simply by following our quick guided tour.

Web EDI will help your company to conduct your business online with no formal training required, we won't send you any complicated training manuals or software and everything can be done in a hassle free way using your regular internet connection, simply click and trade.

Growing your business with Morrisons EDIFACT EDI

Web EDI will help you to start trading online with Morrisons EDIFACT EDI using the Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS), in this way your company will also have access to a wide network of trading partners and allow you to trade easily with them all regardless of the EDI system they are using.

Web EDI will get your company connected within hours and if you're a current Morrisons EDI trader, we will make the transition to Morrisons EDIFACT EDI seamless. Trade the easy way with Web EDI.

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