Magento EDI Integration

Seamlessly integrate Web EDI into your web shop back-end system
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The internet and ecommerce have brought massive changes to the way that small businesses operate. Even with all of the innovation that online shopping, email and broadband uptake have brought, many new businesses are still spend most of their time performing menial administrative tasks.

With Webshop EDI from Web EDI it is perfectly possible to have a online store that is totally automated, from converting leads into customers, taking orders and fulfilling orders.

No EDI (electronic data interchange) knowledge is required, no software needs to be installed, and you can be trading electronically within hours of signup.

With our ‘on demand’ supply chain management you get to focus on what is really important – growing your business, whilst your web shop runs like an automatic profit machine.

How does Magento EDI Integration work?

The process is deceptively simple when you consider the enormous benefits:

  • A visitors comes to your web shop
  • Selects a number of products and makes a purchase
  • Your web store sends the order as XML to the Web EDI cloud
  • The XML file is converted into industry standard EDI format and sent to the supplier

Your supplier gets the EDI order, ships the product directly to the customer and uses Web EDI to send you your invoice.

With all of these advantages it is easy to see why so many people to choose have a fully automated webshop powered by Web EDI.

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