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Iceland are one of Britain’s fastest-growing and most innovative retailers with over 800 stores across the United Kingdom. Selling primarily frozen foods, sourced from specialist supply partners with whom the company have built close, long term relationships and through the 'Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation' are committed to helping charities which are local to their branches.

Iceland are committed to the idea of  'good food, always' , in 1986 the company became the first UK supermarket to remove artificial colours, flavourings and non-essential preservatives from their own brand products.

Suppliers wishing to become a part of Iceland's trusted supplier network and enter into a business to business (B2B) partnership, must ensure that they are able to comply with Iceland's electronic data interchange (EDI) requirements. This can be done quickly and easily online with Web EDI's simple subscription service.

B2B trading with iceland EDI

With Web EDI, becoming fully compatible with the Iceland EDI system is quick, simple and won't require formal training, complicated manuals,invasive software installs or installing any add-ons.

Within minutes of becoming a Web EDI subscriber, you'll be ready to start sending and receiving electronic documents with Iceland EDI.

B2B made easy with Iceland Web EDI

Historically, setting up a business to business electronic data interchange connection could be very time consuming and complicated, as many retailers will use different EDI systems which are often incompatible.

Web EDI have over a decade of experience of connecting businesses electronically and the trading grid messaging service (TGMS) will ensure full compatibility with iceland EDI, as well as with a whole network of new business trading partners, regardless of how their EDI might be set up.

Connecting and trading with Iceland EDI is simple through Web EDI and can be done through your current web browser, using your regular internet connection. We'll even send you e-mail notifications when you receive a new order.

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Check out the tour below or call us free on 0800 092 0856 for more information, or to get started connecting to Iceland EDI and to your new trading partners network.

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