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Part of the Home Retail Group (along with Argos), Homebase currently have over 340 large out-of-town stores across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, making them one of the leading home enhancement retailers.

Homebase  maintain high ethical standards, building successful partnerships with suppliers in order to improve productivity and benefit those working in the company's supply chain. Becoming compatible with Homebase EDI requires that suppliers use a compatible electronic data interchange (EDI) system.

For suppliers wishing to begin business to business (B2B) trading with Homebase EDI, your first step should be to contact an EDI expert with the experience and know-how to ensure a seamless integration with Homebase EDI.

Web EDI makes B2B easy

Web EDI's experts have over 10 years of valuable experience with electronic data interchange and connecting businesses electronically. Our experts will ensure that your business is ready to begin trading with Homebase EDI as soon as your subscription is active.

We make B2B trading with Homebase EDI simple and fast, we offer an all-in-one solution to your e-trading needs, allowing you to send and receive electronic documents safely between all of your trading partners, regardless of the particular system they might be using.

Become a Homebase EDI partner today

With Web EDI and the trading grid messaging system (TGMS), it's easy to get started trading with Homebase EDI as well as with a host of other new trading partners, our service is simple, safe and fast, and offers:

  • Simple all-in-one subscription format
  • Seamless integration with Homebase EDI
  • Access to our network of trading partners
  • electronic ordering and invoicing through your current web browser
  • E-mail notifications of new orders
  • No up-front fees
  • No hidden charges
  • No software to install
  • No formal training required

Getting started with Homebase Web EDI

To begin trading with Homebase EDI today, simply take our tour below or call  free on 0800 092 0856 for more information and to get started connecting to your trading partners network.

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