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Boots are part of the Alliance Boots group, an international health and beauty company with a presence in more than 27 countries and Boots UK have a store on most high streets around the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 2,500 stores in total, making them one of the country's most well known and most highly regarded retail brands.

The company are committed to helping local communities to look and feel their best and the company's mission to be a world-class pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer means that becoming an official Boots supplier would be a huge boost for any aspiring supply company. Becoming compliant with Boots EDI to trade documents electronically is essential for all new suppliers for the company.

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In order to begin a trading relationship with Boots EDI, suppliers must be fully capable of sending e-invoices and receiving electronic orders, this means becoming compliant with their electronic data interchange system by ensuring that your company's system is compatible. Web EDI's simple subscription service makes this easy for you.

Web EDI have been connecting suppliers to retailers via EDI for over 10 years and our service will convert electronic data from Boots EDI and allow you to receive orders using your existing internet connection, there's no need for expensive and time consuming training courses or bulky manuals, our system takes care of all the hard work, allowing you to concentrate on maximising profitability.

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The Web EDI subscription service will also connect your business to our network of potential trading partners, the trading grid messaging system or 'TGMS' allows you to trade effortlessly with any number of different company's EDI systems, we'll help you to become well connected with an e-business community of thousands.

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