B&Q EDI Changeover

Make sure you are compliant with B&Q's new EDI requirements
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Web EDI have made all the necessary changes to bring their customers in line with B&Q's new requirements. Current customers will use the system exactly as they have in the past. New customers coming on board can be confident that they are compliant with B&Q's new specifications

What are the new requirements?


B&Q are sending orders in a newer EDI format. Web EDI is preconfigured to read this new format, so customers remain unaffected.


B&Q now require invoices aligned with ASN's instead of orders. This is handled automatically when generating invoices through Web EDI


B&Q now require additional information within the Advanced Shipping Notes. Without this information, B&Q won't be able to accept your goods. Web EDI has this covered. When generating your ASN's, Web EDI will automatically format the document as required.

Delivery Manifests

B&Q now require 2 paper manifests in each shipment, referencing the ASN number. Web EDI generates these documents for you. Simply print these out and include them in the shipment

Barcode Labels

B&Q have also changed the layout to their barcode labels. Web EDI automatically produces labels to this new specification.

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